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Accra Wound Clinic

Accra Wound Clinic is focused on helping each patient’s wound to heal completely at home. The approach prioritizes patient care as follows:

Comfort: Accra treatment eliminates 95% of surgical procedures so patients experience far less pain and discomfort.

Convenience: Patients receive all wound treatment and supplies at home until the wound is healed.

Cost: Patients save time and money by avoiding travel to wound clinics and hospitals for treatment.

Results: Complete wound healing is possible in the majority of cases because Accra treatment process prevents infections and is easily followed by caregivers.

Treatment, Medicines and Supplies and everything needed for wound care and treatment is delivered to the patient’s home.

Accra physicians and nurse practitioners are board certified in Internal Medicine. They are trained in the very latest wound science and technologies that make treatment at home an option for most wound patients.

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